Spotted in RealLiving magazine

Real Living magazine featured several SistersGulassa wallpaper designs for Emily Ziz in an article on reinventing your rooms with wallpaper.


Collaboration featured in Vogue Brasil

According to Vogue Brasil Luisa Farani is a name to watch. Her newest 'We ♥ Miami' collection for summer 2016 was inspired by the famous graffiti of the Wynwood Arts District in Miami. The designer describes the collection by saying that "it, like Miami, combines elements of urban and beach, with lots of attitude." And the flashy yet sophisticated Sisters Gulassa prints commissioned for the collection fit quite neatly into this sensibility.


Most fun aspect of collaborating with Luisa and Paula Farani: they're SISTERS, like us!

VIDA selling our designs

We have been selected to be part of the VIDA Voices Designer Showcase—and we are really proud to be associated with this innovative new socially-responsible company, which is supported by a number of high-profile backers.

VIDA is an e-commerce site that is keeping prices low by cutting out the middle men and connecting designers, producers and consumers directly with each other. It also offers its workers a living wage and has set up education and literacy programs to fight global exploitation in the garment industry.

Ta da! Fine art from our Vienna studio

The sisters create commissioned paintings with great attention for the effect the client is seeking. In this case the client goal was to brighten the space of a private villa in Vienna with a feeling of cheerfulness and light. The result: a 4 meter painting that exudes energy and enthusiasm in its size, color, and technique.



We came up with our own fanciful translation of the word, to describe our trip to Brazil last month: good success! Because that's exactly what we had. Our itinerary was full, but we covered a lot of ground.

First we checked in with Artimage, licensee of our digital prints (see photos below). Then we represented a number of international designers at Première Vision São Paulo, the world's largest fabric fashion show. And last, we connected with Stampa Studio's Daniela Brum, a designer whose style rivals ours in riotous color and sheer exuberance.

All deeds accomplished while surrounding ourselves with inspiration from the lush scenery and vibrant art of this gorgeous country. We'll be back Brazil, because we are in love with you!